WIP Wednesday

I have not done a WIP post in a long time! I have one very old project and one new, exciting project on the needles. I still have not finished the Melisandre socks I started back in, erm, March. The sad thing is they are very nearly done–I think I only lack an inch or two on the leg of the second sock, plus the cuff. I hope to finish them by the end of the year.

However, if I complete my new, exciting project by its fuzzy, self-imposed due date (end of November), then I just might get the socks done soon after.

Speaking of the new, exciting project, here’s a little peek.



This is a pattern I’m designing (and I say that loosely because I don’t have intentions of publishing it or anything), and I’m working out the kinks as I go, so I’m not ready to say too much about it just yet. My hands are nearly buzzing with excitement to work on this, but I can’t now because I snapped one of my needles. I have another set of tips ordered (nickel-plated, this time!), and I am hoping they will get here soon. It’s really cruddy to just get going on a new, exciting project only to have something like this happen that forced you to put it down.

Maybe I should work on those socks while I wait for my new needle  tips to arrive…


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