She Knits: Gifts for Emma

I knit two gifts for a friend’s new baby: a little stuffed hippo and a “starghan” blanket. I only got a picture of the blanket before gifting, so I’m putting them both in one post, here.

Started Hippo – June 3
Completed Hippo – June 6

Started Starghan – June 8
Completed Starghan – July 30

The blanket should not have taken more than a few days, but I took a break from knitting for about 6 weeks. I just wasn’t in the mood, as it goes sometimes.

Pattern Info
Mybootee Sock Hippo by Bobbi Padgett

Knitted Starghan by Stephanie Castro

The hippo pattern was fairly easy to understand, although there were some errors in the pattern. They were minor, though, so it was pretty simple to deduce what the designer intended. I would definitely use this pattern again, as I really love the result.

The starghan is a pretty basic pattern that is easy enough to memorize and work without the pattern. I think the pattern could be simplified even further, and I would probably do so if I ever knit this again.

Yarn Info
Peaches & Creme Solids
100% cotton
ecru, 0.37 skeins = 44.4 yds used
rouge red, 0.61 skeins = 73.2 yds used

Bernat Baby Coordinates
75% acrylic, 22% acetate, 2% nylon
baby pink, 0.22 skeins used
soft blue, 0.08 skeins used
lemon custard, 0.17 skeins used
iced mint, 0.12 skeins used
white, 0.4 skeins used
(no yardage information available)

I was pleased with both yarn choices. The Bernat Baby is a vintage version of this yarn, but it makes a great squishy, machine-washable blanket. And stuffed animals always look great in worsted weight cotton.


As I mentioned, I only have a picture of the blanket. I might ask the mama to take a picture of the hippo for me, but I hesitate to burden her with that. You can just take my word for it: it turned out very cute!

it's a star!

it’s a star!


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