She Gardens: A Late Start

As the title says, we got a late start with the garden this year due to a cold, wet spring. And my memory is a little hazy about most details, so forgive me for that! I think we got the plants in before May. We planted 6 jalapeno plants and 6 serrano pepper plants and two or three dozen onion starts. We also have four cucumber vines growing. And we planted about 120 tomato plants.

Yes, I did type “120.”

No, it was not a mistake.

Yes, we planted that many intentionally.

We know that there will be a lot of tomatoes, but in all fairness, they probably won’t produce as heavily as you might predict. Our garden does not get full sun, which will reduce their production. And we are sort of counting on having the squirrels get some of them, like they did last year. (It would seem I never wrote about that problem, but I can sum it up for you: the squirrels ate our tomato plants last year. Not just the fruit, but the entire plant, chowed to the ground. They would hang their fat little bodies upside down by their toes from the tomato cages and just munch away!) And we did have a slight problem with blossom-end rot and birds last year as well, so we are expecting to lose some those ways.

We really love tomatoes, though. I buy them canned a variety of ways: paste, sauce, crushed, diced. We consume a lot of salsa, and Nate really loves tomato juice to drink.

If we can more than we need for one year, we may not have to grow any next year. Knowing I will have a toddler next year makes that prospect very appealing.

And if we are still swimming in tomatoes after canning all we could possibly use in a reasonable amount of time, well… we have lots of friends and family who may like some. And there is a farmer’s market in town… maybe we would have to look into selling there. 🙂

I don’t have an overview picture of how the garden is doing, but I hope to take one soon. As I write this, Nate is tilling in the remaining clover, grass, and weeds between rows. That will make for a nicer picture anyway.


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