She Sews: DIY Nursing Cover

I know the blog has been quiet lately, but I haven’t been crafting very much. I’ve been nursing and rocking and bouncing and waking and nursing and soothing and cooing and loving and, oh, right,


We visited some family and friends one weekend recently, and I realized why things like Udder Covers are so popular among new nursing mothers… blankets, while inexpensive and abundant, are floppy. And babies, while precious and sweet, flail about, knocking said blankets off of the shoulders of their nursing mothers. After some consideration about how to solve this problem, this very simple DIY nursing cover was born.

The only two real differences between my version and the fancy one are: (1) the Udder Cover has a piece of stiff something-or-other along the neckline allowing you to see what’s going on down there and (2) most nursing covers you can purchase have D-rings that allow for a fully adjustable strap. And while I haven’t used one of these covers (and actually haven’t used mine in front of anyone yet), I am pretty sure my version will make nursing in public easier on both me and Sprout.

Basically, I created a tube out of some leftover knit fabric from another baby project and stitched one end of it to the back of a flannel receiving blanket. I stitched the 1/2″-wide hook-and-loop closure to the other end. That’s it!

Started – May 8
Completed – May 8


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