She Stitches: Forest Friends Embroidery

Forest friends is the “theme” for Sprout’s nursery. I use that word loosely because apart from a wall-hanging made by a friend, the quilt made by said friend’s mother, and this embroidery piece, nothing else would give it away. We aren’t exactly the type that decorate heavily. However, after all the knitting I did for this little gal, I was itching to stitch, so I picked out a photo I had pinned on Pinterest early in the pregnancy to be an embroidery piece. I very loosely based my design on that drawing or print (not sure what it was, exactly), and I enlisted the help of a talented cartoonist (i.e. Nate) to draw some of the animals for me.

Started — January 15 (estimated)
Completed — February 18 (estimated)

Pattern Info
Forest Friends
improvised by me

This didn’t take long to stitch, although it’s the most detailed and tiniest embroidery work I’ve ever done. I had hoped to use this project to learn a wide variety of embroidery stitches, but ended up using the handful I already knew. I just couldn’t find any new stitches that would look right. The filling is done with stem stitch, chain stitch (bird, dark bark of tree), and satin stitch (rabbit and portions of other animals). The leaves are lazy daisy stitches. The flowers are just randomly stitched, except for the red one, which is done with a stemmed French knot stitch.

I suppose my next embroidery project will be an opportunity to learn new stitches… at least, that is the hope. 😉

Thread Info
100% cotton

I used an assortment of thread brands. Most of the colors came from an assortment pack I bought on sale a year or two ago, but I also used a few colors I had leftover from the Collecting Shells and Four Seasons Birds cross-stitch projects.

As always, excuse the blurriness of these. I should have taken pictures before framing it, but… well, let’s face it–that wouldn’t guarantee better pictures anyway! I tried to take closer views of my favorite animals, although I do love them all.


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