Pregnancy and A Sneak Peek

I have been consumed with finishing my final gift project of this year so that I could begin something new for the baby. Well, it’s done… but you won’t see the post about it until sometime after Christmas. It is a gift, after all. Here’s a sneak peek photo, though.

this may be a little familiar to some of you...

this may be a little familiar to some of you…

As I’m in my 21st week of pregnancy, I thought I might be due to update you on that. We had an ultrasound done about 2 weeks ago, and the baby is healthy and an active swimmer/gymnast. Gender couldn’t be determined. In the couple of days after the ultrasound, I felt the first real “kick”–one that was distinguishable from gas and other abdominal twitches. It was a very surreal experience to feel this little life bumping around inside my body, the only home Sprout knows right now. This Little Bitty knows the rhythm of my blood flow, the strong beating of my heart, the rumblings of my tummy, and likely the murmur of my voice. For weeks, this Little One has known more about me than I’ve known about him/her. For weeks, I’ve known Sprout is there, but had no physical evidence of it. Now, I feel the bumps in my belly and even the rolling pressure that moves along the underside of my belly button as this One shifts position. It is amazing.

Nate has felt kicks, too, when I’ve laid flat, breathed steadily, and the kicks are strong enough. I love seeing his face light up as he makes these first connections with Sprout. I am beyond excited to see him make new, bigger connections with this person when my body is no longer his/her home.


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