Progress and Plans

I am giddy with excitement today because a package came in the mail:

box o' yarn!

box o’ yarn!

It is a box of yarn! I spent some birthday money last week on skeins for several projects plus a few knitting tools/accessories. I love getting yarn in the mail, sorting through it, feeling it all, seeing if the colors look as great in person as they did on the screen (they do!). Much as I wanted to cast on a new project right away, I am using this box of goodies as encouragement and motivation to finish up one last gift project for this year. I still can’t give any details on it, but I can say that it is roughly 55% complete. I have about another month to finish it, but would really, really love to finish it before Thanksgiving.

As another motivator, I am sharing my baby-knit plans for this lovely yarn. 🙂

sweater and pants

sweater and pants

The first project I plan to cast on is the Puerperium Cardigan (Ravelry link). I still haven’t figured out how to pronounce the name, but the puerperium period is the first 6 weeks post-birth, which is the age this adorable cardigan is sized to fit. I am planning to knit it in a 100% superwash wool with the colorway name Dove Heather. Just as it sounds, it is a lovely, heathered gray. And because a spring baby won’t be very warm with just a short-sleeved sweater, I’m going to knit these “Cozy and Cute” Pants to go with it. This pair of pants will be knit in superwash merino wool/nylon blend with a colorway name Rainforest Heather. It is a difficult-to-photograph very dark green yarn with flecks of maroon. At left is a photo of those two yarns together.



I am very, very excited about the last baby-knit, the Rhino Romper that I plan to knit in the 3-month size. Hopefully, the weather will be warming up enough by then for Sprout to wear this comfortably. I’ll be knitting this in a very soft cotton/acrylic blend. The main body will be in a colorway called Silver Sage; as the name implies, it is a silvery-green color. The contrasting neck, arm, and leg bands will be knit in a brighter, darker green called Jalapeno. I am thrilled with how these colors look together and think this will be One Cute Knit! (photo at right) But, as it is a bigger size than the sweater and pants, it’ll have to wait until the first two are finished.

I also bought two skeins of sock yarn to knit a pair for myself, but I’m not sure what pattern I’m going to knit yet. I chose a 100% wool yarn in a colorway called Almond:




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