She Knits: Abbie’s Jacket

One of Nate’s sisters-in-law is expecting her first baby in November. My original intent was to make her a baby blanket as I’ve done for two other sisters-in-law. But this SIL is a beginner knitter and decided to knit a blanket for the baby, so I switched it up and knit a cute little jacket instead. I worried and stressed over this thing for a month because my first trimester was NOT conducive to knitting at all–it kind of made me ill to focus on the stitches. I found some motivation earlier this week when I learned her baby shower would be Sunday (yikes!), and it knit up a lot faster than I had thought in the beginning. I’m really glad I finished it in time, and I hope the mom-to-be likes it.

Started — July 29
Completed — September 25

Pattern Info:
b20-12 Baby Jacket by DROPS Design

This design caught my eye because of the unusual construction of the jacket. It is knit from side to side–that is, the rows run vertically. The shaping is achieved with short rows, and there are only 2 seams (one on each sleeve). The benefits of this construction are: (1) few seams to rub against the baby; and (2) very little finishing work. The only downside is that after knitting the first sleeve, the project gets difficult to manipulate because it’s all one piece. It would be easier to handle if the sleeves were knit separately, for example.

I made this in the 0-3 month size, and I really hope it fits little Abbie sometime this winter. It looks too big for a newborn to me, but with an expected birth date in November, she’ll have all winter to grow and fit into this. Plus, it is meant to be worn as a jacket over other clothing, so bigger is better.

This is the second DROPS pattern I’ve knit (the first being my mother’s sweater/jacket), and I guess my knitting skills have improved because I found it relatively easy to knit directly from the pattern without re-writing it like I did before. It is definitely a pattern style that requires a full read-through (or two) before beginning, frequent re-reading while knitting, and lots of marking and note-taking… but not as bad as I found my first DROPS pattern to be.

Yarn Info:
Bernat Baby Sport Solid
100% acrylic
0.63 skeins = 678.5 yds used

This yarn is not buttery soft like many baby yarns, but it feels sturdy, which I thought was important for an outerwear garment that may go through many washes (especially as it is white). I know, I know–WHITE for a BABY item?!? I didn’t like the stereotypical baby pink or soft yellow this yarn comes in, and I wanted a blank canvas that would open my button possibilities. And white is OK because this yarn can be machine washed and dried and seems quite durable.



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