Final Harvest, 2013

We had a good time getting dirty as we harvested the final crop from our garden: carrots! We did not thin our carrots, so we had some very fat ones and some teeny-tiny ones. In all, we harvested about 5 pounds. We gave nearly a pound of the prettiest to a good friend who cannot grow carrots (a meek offering, but one that was appreciated all the same), and the remaining 4 pounds were put up in 6 pint jars.

I’ll tell you, I had my day planned out yesterday. I thought, surely I could get those carrots canned by lunch and then have time in the afternoon to shop for groceries. Bzzt! wrong-o! I didn’t even get the little suckers cleaned before lunch time and didn’t get them jarred and in the canner until 4 pm! But I know when I pop the seal on one of those jars in a few months, the memory of the toil will fade quickly. (Don’t worry–we didn’t go hungry! I had resources for tomato soup and grilled cheese for supper.)

Harvests This Week
Sunday — 5.01 lbs carrots

This Week  5.01 lbs
This Month (August)  5.01 lbs
This Year  18.02 lbs


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