Harvest Friday Week 7, 2013

My, oh, my! where has the time gone? I can’t believe another week has flitted away. Well, the sad news is that only tomatoes are left. Mojo pulled up our pepper plants early this week. The good news is that the tomatoes are doing great! We have not gotten a very large harvest yet, but they have been trickling in slowly. Last week, I had accumulated enough to put up one and a half quarts of tomatoes. 🙂 Happy day.

Nate dug up a carrot earlier this week to check on it, and he seemed to think they were still too small. Hm. We aren’t sure what we’ll do about that… don’t want to dig them up too soon, but don’t want to lose what we could get from them if we dig them now. Decisions, decisions.

Harvests This Week
Monday — 1.11 lbs tomatoes
Wednesday — 0.21 lbs tomatoes
Thursday — 0.37 lbs tomatoes
Friday — 0.41 lbs tomatoes

This Week  2.10 lbs
This Month (July)  5.88 lbs
This Year  13.01 lbs

Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos for you this week. I was picking tomatoes on my way inside from walking the dog, always forgetting the camera, and then eating the ‘matoes before I could get a shot of them. You can expect a similar harvest next week–that’s my expectation based on the green beauties hanging on the plants. 🙂 I’ll try to remember the camera!


2 thoughts on “Harvest Friday Week 7, 2013

  1. So sorry to hear about the peppers!
    So glad you got what bit you did get!
    I think some folks (where it’s colder) leave carrots in the ground all the time and just pull them as they want them. I think that won’t work were you live, but maybe you won’t lose any by experimenting…

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