Harvest Friday Week 6, 2013

Nate tilled the beans, squash, and broccoli under late this week. The corn is gone (thanks to a certain furry someone). The tomatoes are producing now, and I am harvesting a few every day. I will have to start canning them soon. 🙂 The peppers are all putting on new buds of flowers, so will be harvesting them for a while yet. We haven’t checked the carrots recently, but I hope to do that soon.

Early this week, I canned green beans! We  received 2 nearly full 5-gallon buckets of beans from Nate’s boss. I canned 14 quarts on Saturday, 7 quarts on Sunday, and 5 quarts on Monday. There is about 1/2 quart in the fridge that needs to be blanched and frozen. On Monday, I also canned 1 and 1/2 pints of pickled banana peppers (basic pickling liquid of 3 parts water to 1 part cider vinegar with 1/2 tsp per pint of peppers). My pantry looks so pretty with its new stock. 🙂

It doesn’t look like I’ll be canning any pickles this year, unless we get cucumbers from someone else. But that is fine by me, as we still have about 2 dozen quarts (half whole, half sliced) of pickles from two years ago!

Harvests This Week
Sunday — 0.07 lbs banana peppers; 0.34 lbs squash; 0.04 lbs beans
Monday — 1.25 lbs tomatoes
Tuesday — 0.48 lbs tomatoes
Wednesday — 0.69 lbs tomatoes; 0.01 lbs cayenne
Thursday — 1.02 lbs tomatoes; 0.01 lbs banana pepper
Friday — 0.32 lbs tomatoes

This Week  4.23 lbs
This Month (July)  3.78 lbs
This Year  10.91 lbs

Photos  click to see larger versions


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