Harvest Friday Week 5, 2013

We got our first tomato this week! 🙂 Although we picked it a little green, it was so yummy (picture below) on sandwiches. The beans are still chugging along, though slowly. I’ll be getting enough this evening from a friend to justify getting the canner going, but will probably never get enough from our own beans to do so. We didn’t check the carrots this week, but will be pulling one up next week to see progress there. I am not really harvesting squash anymore–most of it is dying of blossom-end rot before I can even get to it. The broccoli is finished.

Once the beans are done, Nate plans to till the beans, squash, and broccoli under.

The corn… sigh… the corn. We won’t be getting any of our own this year because our pup just could not resist. He ate all of our corn stalks in a few “meals” over the last few weeks. We disciplined him each  time, but a few days later, there’d be fresh corn stalks strewn over the yard. As soon as our eyes landed upon the mess, he would cower, knowing exactly what he had done.

The cucumber has suffered a similar fate. I did get some this week, but two days ago, during Mojo’s last corn party, he decided to switch it up and eat our largest cucumber vine.

We are hopeful that another year of obedience training and age might do him some good. 🙂

The peppers are all still producing well. I’m not sure I’ll have enough banana peppers to pickle a half-pint, but the ones in the refrigerator can hold out through the weekend  to find out. 🙂

Harvests This Week
Sunday — 0.24 lbs beans; 0.01 lbs banana pepper; 0.01 lbs cayenne; 0.01 lbs broccoli; 0.55 lbs cucumber
Tuesday — 0.27 lbs tomato
Thursday — 0.05 lbs bell pepper; 0.01 lbs banana pepper; 0.2 lbs beans

This Week  1.32 lbs
This Month (June)  3.87 lbs
This Year  6.67 lbs



4 thoughts on “Harvest Friday Week 5, 2013

  1. Sorry about the dog. Unfortunately I can sympathize. My son’s dog destroyed my garden in its early stages last spring. I built a fence after that. I call it “the Buddy Fence”. Can you guess what the dog’s name is? Hahaha…

    • Haha! I think we are going to try again next year without a fence and then see what we can do if he gets into it again. He is young, only 7 months old, and has only gotten the corn and cucumber plants. We have been doing obedience training with him, which has helped with other issues, so hoping more of that and age will help.

      Thanks for stopping by! I’m going to check out your blog–I love gardening blogs. 🙂

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