Walk With Me

Perhaps my favorite thing about this new house are the beautiful flowers left by the previous owners. Almost every day, I take a stroll around the yards with my camera, searching out new growth and joyful flower-faces glowing in the late morning sun. Though we are in the middle of town, it is peaceful. And though Mojo is quite rowdy most of the time, he takes these meandering walks with me calmly, resting in the shade while I stop to take pictures.

A few days ago, I found this near the driveway. The leaves had been here a while, but there were new buds appearing.

Wandering along, I found new roses on the bushes. As I moved in to get a closer look, a dragonfly alighted nearby and remained long enough for me to get quite a few very close shots.

This morning, I discovered the darling gladiolus had bloomed! And my! what gorgeous colors!

The hosta is still flowering very prettily, too.


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