Harvest Friday Week 3, 2013

We are seeing yellow leaves again, so it’s time for Nate to fertilize with high-nitrogen fertilizer again. I think the grass is the root cause of the problem, but we are waiting to finish harvesting and just till everything under at once.

The tomatoes, oh the tomatoes! I am so ready for them to ripen, but they are still a glorious green, taunting me! The corn has tasselled and set silks. I can see the impression of the cobs as they form against the stalk. Yum! The beans are still producing, though only tiny bundles at a time. I will not get enough this year to can, so I am blanching and freezing them instead. The broccoli is still putting up tiny shoots that I can harvest. I don’t know for how long it will continue. We have decided not to thin the carrots, but I hope to pull some up this week and see how they are doing. 🙂 The squash is slowing down, but I am still picking.

We harvested our first cucumber of the season! It’s a big’un, so I must have missed it the past few days. Unfortunately, a certain pup also likes cucumbers (well, the vines at least) and has torn off one full vine and half of another. There are more fruits set on what is left, and said pup has been disciplined, so we hope these will left for us.

I harvested two bell peppers this week and that will be all for another week or so. The plant is flowering and setting fruit, but they are tiny still. I picked a handful of banana peppers, enough for a half-pint of pickled peppers. 🙂 The cayenne have kicked into high gear, so we’ve been eating a lot of spicy food lately. I still have three quart bags of cayenne in the freezer from 2 years ago, so I doubt we’ll be growing any next year (the plants were given to us this year).

Harvests This Week
Sunday — 0.18 lbs banana pepper; 0.02 lbs cayenne; 0.05 lbs bell pepper; 0.15 lbs squash; 0.07 lbs broccoli; 0.04 lbs beans
Monday — 0.02 lbs beans; 0.01 lbs broccoli
Tuesday — 0.01 lbs broccoli; 0.10 lbs squash
Wednesday — 0.09 lbs squash; 0.10 lbs beans

This Week  0.84 lbs
This Month (June)  1.08 lbs
This Year  4.12 lbs

Photos (click to view larger)


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