Harvest Friday Week 2, 2013

Everything is growing this week, but we did not harvest much. In fact, I only have one picture for you today. šŸ™‚

The beans are flowering again, so I expect small harvests in a week or two. The tomatoes are darkening (green), yum! The broccoli is done except for one plant that got a late start and a few tiny shoots from the other plants. Most of the corn has put up tassels, which is quite exciting, though we expect it will be another month or more before we harvest. The carrotsĀ (still)Ā need to be thinned. TheĀ cucumberĀ vine is lengthening and flowering, but still not setting fruit.

TheĀ bell peppers are growing well, and we harvested our first this week. šŸ™‚ TheĀ banana peppers will likely be picked this weekend. TheĀ cayennes (or possibly jalapenos, we are not sure which yet) are just starting to set fruit.

TheĀ squash is still flowering and setting fruit, but we are having a problem with blossom-end rot. We believe it is caused by poorly-drained (wet) soil. Currently, there is nothing we can do about it, but we have discussed digging a trench around our garden before next year to help it drain. We will have to figure out something, though, because we are losing 5-10% of our squash (not that we don’t have enough of it as is, though!).

Harvests This Week
Tuesday – 0.15 lbs broccoli
Friday – 0.09 lbs bell pepper

This Week 0.24 lbs
This Month (June) 0.24 lbs
This YearĀ 3.04 lbs


lone pepper

lone pepper


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