Harvest Friday Week 1, 2013

I’ve decided to do weekly harvest post instead of individual ones because the garden is picking up and harvest posts would otherwise completely take over this blog. 🙂

Beans were the first to be ready for harvest. I’ve been picking small bundles of beans every couple of days. I expect we won’t get any more for another week because I’ve picked (nearly) all the beans currently set and the plants are flowering again. The squash is doing really well (almost too well), and we were able to harvest some of that today. It is still flowering and still setting fruit. The broccoli heads did not get very large, but some were beginning to flower, so we harvested most of it. There are three or four more heads that will probably be ready sometime next week. The tomatoes are setting pretty little green fruits, but we probably won’t see ripe tomatoes for another couple of weeks. The peppers (bell, banana, and cayenne) are all setting fruit, and I expect to harvest some of those in about a week. The cucumber plant has flowered, but I have not found any fruit yet. The corn is growing taller and taller by the day, and the carrots need thinning.

Harvests This Week
Monday – 0.43 lbs bush beans
Wednesday – 0.15 lbs bush beans
Friday – 1.41 lbs squash; 0.35 lbs broccoli; 0.15 lbs bush beans

This Week 2.49 lbs
This Month (May) 2.80 lbs


5-31 harvest

5-31 harvest


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