Lilies of the Day

I basked in the warm morning sun at our new patio table on the back porch while sipping coffee, munching peanut butter toast, and catching up on some much-needed Bible reading. Mojo was curious, but obedient to the command “back up.” Afterward, I went out to photograph the daylilies that showed their beautiful faces today by the shop.

daylilies by the shop

daylilies by the shop

A certain golden pup wanted to be the center of my attention instead, so I obliged for a short photo-shoot.

posing by the daylilies

posing by the daylilies

But I really wanted a picture of one of these new blooms, so I commanded him to “back up,” then “sit,” then “stay.” This is the result of his constraint:

yellow, yellow

yellow, yellow

Thank you, Mojo. He was rewarded with about 15 minutes of Frisbee tossing which he seemed to enjoy. 🙂 He is currently resting on the porch. Obedience is wearying… hm, that applies to my obedience to my Heavenly Father as well. Wearying at times, but unbelievably

worth it.


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