She Gardens: Update

This morning I noticed the first two blooms on the squash plants, one on each.

After shopping today, I went outside to photograph them and decided to take more pictures and give you an update. Mojo was thrilled to have company in the backyard and wanted to play, so I threw the Frisbee for him a few times to settle him down.

let's play!

let’s play!

Here is the full garden. The tilled grass in the garden makes the pictures hard to make out.

We have probably lost one of our cucumber plants, and the other is looking kind of sorry. We aren’t too disappointed, though, because we still have many quarts of pickles from two years ago! Our bush beans have already cast their flowers and appear to be setting fruit, though the plants themselves are not very big:

bush beans

bush beans

Most of our tomato plants are looking great, but still have a lot of growing to do. We still have not caged/staked them yet.

tomato plant

tomato plant

The broccoli (along with the squash) looks the best: dark green and growing fast!

The onions are weak, but growing. The carrots are too small to photograph. They are visible to the naked eye, but in a picture, the little plants get lost among the decaying grass. The corn, like the broccoli and squash, is excellent. I love seeing it get big enough to lay out another set of leaves. 🙂



That is the garden progress today. We won’t be harvesting for a while yet, but are anxious to have fresh vegetables. I’m especially hoping for a good tomato harvest!


3 thoughts on “She Gardens: Update

  1. Wow, Victoria! This is real progress. I love the beautiful squash blossom. Whatever becomes of your garden, it beats the first one WE put in, hands down! 🙂
    I love the baby plants, but so do the rabbits and crows. Ours are getting eaten this year, but maybe we’ll have some left over for us.
    Beans often do better when they are stressed. They put more energy into reproducing and less into looking pretty. 🙂
    And Mojo looks so white in this photo! Is he paler with his summer coat?
    Really fun post!

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