She Knits: Lace Birch Leaf Shawl

I started knitting this shawl at the end of February in order to use the yarn leftover from my Swallowtail Shawl. I bound-off the knitting last night and washed and blocked it today. It finished at 63.5″ by 32″, considerably larger than my Swallowtail, which is what I desired. I think the larger size will make this shawl more wear-able.

Yarn Info:
Knit Picks Shadow
100% merino wool
Oregon Coast Heather

It was a little dull knitting this yarn again after having already worked with it. I still love the color, though. It washed up beautifully and blocked easily, so I would use this same line again. I do not know how it holds up over time or many washes, but shawls rarely need washing, so that does not concern me much.

Pattern Info:
Birch Leaf Shawl (a.k.a. Bottom-Up Birch) by Susan Gutperl

The pattern can be worked in two ways. The first (red arrow) is symmetrical, worked from the bottom center point and ending at the long edge (that you would wear across your shoulders). The second (blue arrow) is asymmetrical, worked from one end point across and binding off one of the shorter “triangle” sides.

BL Shawl Edited

construction A in red; construction B in blue

The asymmetry of the leaf pattern in construction B appealed to me, so I went with that, and I’m very satisfied with the results. Another reason this pattern appealed to me was that it lacked a traditional border, which most shawl patterns have. A border requires that you guess at how many main body pattern repeats to work before beginning the border. I wanted to make as large a shawl as possible, which meant using as much of the yarn I had available. I did have to rip back a couple of times in order to work as many rows as possible, but it was far less of a hassle than it would have been if the pattern included a border.

The leaf design is simple, but pretty, and was easily memorized, which meant I stopped using the pattern pretty quickly. 🙂

Photos: Click any picture to see it larger.


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