Meet Mojo!

Now that I have a library card, you may see more posts from me in the coming weeks (provided I don’t get too busy at home). I thought I’d  take this opportunity to introduce you to a very handsome fellow by the name of Mojo!

looking rather pathetic

looking rather pathetic

He is a yellow Labrador retriever with a good-natured, but occasionally rambunctious personality.

Mojo (9)

ah, sun

He enjoys the sun,



his bone,

rub my belly!

rub my belly!

and good belly rubs!

keeping watch

keeping watch

He watches birds and squirrels and sometimes barks at crows.

But most of all, he likes to sleep! His formal education at the moment consists of stay, come, and fetch. His behavioral training includes not licking, not snapping, not jumping, staying out of the garden, and leaving things alone that do not belong to him. He is eager to please, which makes our job much easier.


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