Reasons for Absence

I apologize to my readers for my absence, but I have good reason. We bought our first house and moved in on March 23rd! That same day, we welcomed a four-legged addition to our little family, a now-5-month-old Labrador puppy, Mojo. We have been busy unpacking, traveling to some family members’ houses to pick up stored furniture, and hosting guests, all while training a good-natured, but young dog.

Oh, and we have tilled and planted a small garden.

Reason enough?

No? Well, we don’t have internet, either, which I suppose is the real reason. So I am typing this post using my husband’s “smart” phone after just today realizing I could access WordPress with it. Sigh. Pictures, posts, and whatnot to come soon, I hope. 🙂



One thought on “Reasons for Absence

  1. You are one amazing gal, and I had to laugh at this post.

    Bless you for this brave attempt and I cannot wait to see the new arrangements all in place! And the dog. And the garden. And . . . ALL your very good reasons for being absent awhile. 🙂

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