She Quilts: WHQ Planning

I told you there would be a more detailed post coming about the Walnut Hill Quilt. 😉

Before diving in with my good fabrics, I decided to work up a few test squares in order to get comfortable with the pattern and find any possible difficult areas. I made test squares using solid yellow and green fabrics (the yellow is leftover from JJ & Hilary’s Wedding Quilt and the green is a fabric I bought in the remnants bin a while ago). I figured they would make great pot holders for a new kitchen I might have soon. I’ve always wanted to decorate a kitchen in green and yellow. So I made these:

practice squares

practice squares

If you are as observant as I think you are, you will notice that one of these is particularly different from the other two. Yes, you see it–the block at the top of the photo is the correct block. I discovered during my next two attempts that it is quite easy to stitch the wrong color to the center triangle piece. I decided to leave them wonky because, after all, they would just be pot holders, right? I will probably make at least one more to have a good set, especially if I do get to decorate a new kitchen soon. I’m thinking I would do another correct square and then one with solid yellow in the middle.

I was glad to discover that little tendency on my practice squares, and I was very careful not to make that mistake with my good fabrics. So far, I haven’t. These blocks also gave me a chance to practice lining up seams and getting crisp, neat corners. I don’t think I have made a single perfect square yet, but all 6 of my finished blocks are above decent, I think. I have been particular about ripping seams when the intersections turn out too wonky.

If you remember, I originally intended to have three different blocks–three pairs of fabrics. Upon further day-dreaming, I realized the quilt would not look as scrappy and patchy as I had hoped. To remedy, I decided to make 6 different blocks. I have one of each completed. Here they are, in slide show format:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The quilt requires 165 squares in the proportion of 11 x 15 squares. It is my intention to assign each of these blocks a number, 1 through 6, in a particular order. The first row of blocks will be numbers 1-6, then 1-5 (to get the 11 blocks I need across). The second row will be number 6, then numbers 1-6, then 1-4; the third row will begin with 5 and 6, then 1-6, then 1-3… Do you see a pattern? Essentially, like blocks will align to create diagonals in the quilt that will be subtle, but will provide some order amid the chaos of busy fabrics and patchy blocks.

Every couple of days, I set out these blocks and try to figure out how I want to order them, how I will assign them numbers. And each time, I get an arrangement I like and think, “Yes, this looks nice.” And then the next time I pull them out, I frown at my previous arrangement, play with them some more, and get a new arrangement that I am certain is better than the last. I hesitate to share today’s ordering with you, as I’m sure I’ll have to update it in just a few days. I figure I have plenty of time to decide on how to order them, though, so I’m not letting it bother me. I will need 28 of each of blocks 1-3 and 27 of each of blocks 4-6. I plan to make 27 of each, and once I settle on an order, make 1 more of each of the first 3 blocks.

So that is my progress. 🙂 I like gazing at the completed blocks, day-dreaming about the finished quilt. Nate is quite excited that I am making a quilt for us. I hope to have it finished by the onset of next winter.


3 thoughts on “She Quilts: WHQ Planning

  1. I am quite excited, too! And so glad you are being careful! It is really easy to take off with excitement and not get to the finishe line because of mistakes. Great job! These squares are gorgeous and I can visualize the busy jumble that will have a hidden pattern in it. Cannot wait to see it! 🙂
    Also hope you will soon have that kitchen . . .

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