She Sews: Quilted Candle Mat

I’m calling this a candle mat, although, at the time of making it… I wasn’t really sure what it would be. Over the weekend, I watched a few videos on foundation paper piecing and thought, “Hey! That looks like fun. I can SO do that!” I found a simple pattern of a tulip in a pot (actually, the full pattern is three potted tulips all in a row with a pretty border…) and realized I had plenty of fabric scraps in tulip-y colors right here at a home. I printed the pattern, pulled out my sewing supplies, and got to work… at 10 PM while my husband put in a movie that I didn’t care to watch.

By the end of his movie, I had the paper piecing done, the tulip in its pretty pot. The next day, I spent an hour or so finishing up this little project. I bordered the tulip with dark brown, then layered the top with a piece of polyester felt (hey, you use what you have, right?) and a coordinating backing fabric. I quilted it very simply, outlining the tulip design (tediously) on my machine. I finished it with binding made from the dark green fabric, and ta-dah! This is what I ended up with (as always, click to see a bigger image)…


My hand is there for a size reference. It is maybe 7 inches by 4 inches? That’s my guesstimate, anyway. It is not perfect. The corners are very wonky, as is the border and binding stitches, but hey… it was a fun little project that was only intended as a practice for paper piecing.

I enjoyed the foundation paper piecing so much, I’ve designed a queen-sized quilt using a paper-pieced square called Crossing Canoes. I’ve ordered the fabric and am anxious to get started. This is going to be a quilt for our bed, so I’ll be able to show you progress pictures. ๐Ÿ™‚ I know, you are justย tooย excited, right?


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