She Knits: Pearlescent Socks

Yes, another pair of socks. 🙂 I started these just before Thanksgiving to give me something “mindless” to knit while visiting with family. Over the next few weeks, though, they languished as I became more interested in working on that cross-stitch project I’ve had in the works for years. I finally picked these back up a week or so ago, determined to get. them. done.

I intended to use this project to design the perfect fitting socks for me, a pattern I could return to again and again, tweaking to add in pretty features. A basic toe-up “vanilla” sock pattern.

Well, it kind of worked. I mean, it fits almost perfectly. Almost. The parts that don’t fit as well as I’d like:

1. Around the fullest part of the heel/foot. It pulls here, and I think more gusset stitches would help that, perhaps 2 or 4 more stitches. That means I would need to start the gusset shaping 2 or 4 rounds sooner next time.

2. Around my calves. I should have started with more leg stitches (increased immediately after the heel flap) and not worked as many plain rounds and worked more increases. I think bumping my final leg stitch count to 100 or 104 from the 96 I did here would be sufficient.

These are not huge problems, just minor changes that I think would make the next pair fit even better. And yes, there will be a next pair, eventually. I’ve got my eyes on other projects first, though.

Yarn Info:
Knit Picks Stroll Tonal
75% superwash merino wool, 25% nylon
Pearlescent Tonal

This yarn is very soft, but appears sturdy. It will be interesting to see how it wears. It is the same base as the yarn from my Icy Lattice Socks, only a different color. I have noticed that those socks have shrunk a bit in the wash. They are tighter around the foot than I remember. That could be due to the cabling, though, and once I wash these Pearlescent Socks, I’ll have a better idea about that.

Pattern Info:

Of course, I made this pattern up as I went along. I used the toes and heel turn from the Icy Lattice Socks, but made the heel flap in the eye of partridge slip stitch pattern that, if you’ve read this blog for long, probably know that I love. Guess what. I still love it. I like the way this heel is formed, and I like that it incorporates a heel flap. Heel flaps allows you to switch out various patterns on a whim, for instance the eye of partridge pattern or a ribbed pattern or the faux ribbing pattern from the Icy Lattice Socks. Basically, they are more adjustable than, say, a short-row heel, and I think they fit better, too.

Of course, mandatory pictures. The colors in these pictures are very accurate. In the second photo, you might be able to see where the fabric pulls a bit across the top of my foot–this is what I was referring to when I mentioned needing more gusset stitches. You can also see the eye of partridge design in that photo. I didn’t choose my increases wisely, so they are very noticeable. I’m not that picky, although next time, I will try a different increasing stitch. And as always, you can click to see a larger version of the picture.


4 thoughts on “She Knits: Pearlescent Socks

    • I love the way it looks, adds a neat detail. Even though I’m probably the only one who sees it, it makes me happy. And also, it is supposed to wear better because there are “floats” behind each of the slipped stitches–it definitely feels a bit thicker than other parts of the sock. I don’t know for sure, though, because I haven’t worn a pair long enough. 🙂

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