A Year of Crafting: 2012

Here we are, faced with another year’s end. As I’ve aged, I’ve noticed a change. The years pass much more quickly now. I must be having a lot of fun!

My projects from 2012, in order of completion date, linked to their individual project posts, with a gallery of photos at the end (in the form of a slideshow). Enjoy.

1. Nate’s Socks (knit)
Started: December 5, 2011
Completed: January 25th
Days to Completion: 51
Yarn: 100% wool, 535.9 yds
This was a gift.
I designed this.
These socks were a challenge because I was still new to sock knitting and my darling husband desired knee-high socks, which require a lot of shaping on the calves. I enjoyed knitting for him, though.

2. Spring Green Socks (knit)
Started: January 26th
Completed: February 24th
Days to Completion: 29
Yarn: 100% wool, 443.5 yds
I designed this.
I struck out on my own with these, no pattern, determining shaping by constantly trying on the things. They turned out too big in the feet, too small in the legs, but wearable, fun, and thoroughly enjoyed.

3. Jacob’s Blanket (crochet)
Started: February 2nd
Completely: March 3rd
Days to Completion: 30
Yarn: 98% acrylic, 2% polyester, 664.2 yds
This was a gift.
I crocheted this for my new nephew, Jacob. I was not perfectly satisfied with the result, but his mom was happy and the blanket has been used, so I suppose all’s well that ends well, right? (I realize now that I never blogged about this one; I forgot to photograph it before gifting.)

4. Sewing Machine Cover (sewn)
Started & Completed: April 24th
Days to Completion: 1
Fabric: 100% cotton (recycled pillow case)
I made this as a small project to practice my sewing skills. It turned out, but I definitely need more practice.

5. Chest Doily (crochet)
Started: April 27th
Completed: May 8th
Days to Completion: 11
Thread: 100% cotton
This was my first crocheted doily. As we acquire more furniture, I would like to crochet more of them.

6. Nana’s Chemo Hat (knit)
Started: May 14th
Completely: May 16th
Days to Completion: 2
Yarn: 98% cotton, 2% elastic, 76.0 yds
This was a gift.

7.  JJ/Hilary Wedding Quilt (quilt)
Started: March 1st (estimated)
Completed: June 26th (just in time for their wedding, June 30th)
Days to Completion: 117
Fabric: 100% cotton
This was a gift.
I designed this.
My first quilt. What else is there to say about it?

8. Mason’s Sweater (knit)
Started: July 11th
Completed: July 13th
Days to Completion: 2
Yarn: 100% acrylic,220.2 yds
This was a gift.
I just love knitting tiny baby things–they are so fast!

9. Mason’s Bear (knit)
Started & Completed: July 29th
Days to Completion: 1
Yarn: 80% acrylic, 20% wool,33.6 yds
This was a gift.
I like knitting stuffies but am always apprehensive to gift them–never know how the child will react to something homemade. Luckily, this child was yet unborn, so his mother’s opinion is all that mattered. And she loved it. 🙂

10. Weighted Pincushion Organizer (sewn)
Started & Completed: August 1st (estimated)
Days to Completion: 1
Fabric: 100% cotton (scraps from the wedding quilt)
The quilt improved my sewing. I learned important lessons during the quilt and with this: read instructions carefully, think through them, measure twice, cut once.

11. Mason’s Blanket (knit)
Started: August 6th
Completed: August 17th
Days to Completion: 11
Yarn: 100% cotton, 642.5 yds
This was a gift.
I was not very happy with this result. I still gave it, though, and hope it will get used someday.

12. Swallowtail (knit)
Started: January 19th
Completed: August 21st
Days to Completion: 215
Yarn: 100% merino wool, 308.0 yds
This project took a very long time to knit because I kept putting it away to focus on other projects. I have worn it a few times and am looking forward to working on another piece of lace.

13. Evan’s Sweater (knit)
Started: September 7th
Completed: September 12th
Days to Completion: 5
Yarn: 55% nylon, 45% acrylic & 100% acrylic,252.7 yds
This was a gift.
I like giving gifts that are unexpected. This was fun to knit and the end result was cute as a baby sweater. 😉

14. QR Code Throw Pillow (knit)
Started: August 24th
Completed: October 10th
Days to Completion: 47
Yarn: 100% acrylic, 607.4 yds
Fabric: 100% cotton
This was a gift.
I designed this.
I started this 08/24, only a couple of weeks away from the wedding (09/08), and thought I’d be able to finish in time. Yeah, right.

15. Mom’s Sweater (knit)
Started: August 20th
Completed: October 31st
Days to Completion: 72
Yarn: 60% cotton, 40% microfiber,1,357.2 yds
This was a gift.
Mom requested a sweater. I knit her one… because I love her. 🙂

16. Rippling Ribs Socks (knit)
Started: October 27th
Completed: November 7th
Days to Completion: 11
Yarn: 75% superwash wool, 25% nylon, 304.9 yds
I designed this.
More socks. This is about when the sock kick (pun completely intended) began!

17. Icy Lattice Socks (knit)
Started: November 8th
Completed: November 20th
Days to Completion: 12
Yarn: 75% superwash wool, 25% nylon, 448.1 yds
My goal was to finish these before Thanksgiving. Total success. And I’ll admit–I’m stuck (get it? stuck? ’cause I’m using needles… aw, forget it) on socks!

18. Braided Shimmer Scarf (knit)
Started: December 12th
Completed: December 19th
Days to Completion: 7
Yarn: 97% acrylic, 3% metallic, 498.4 yds
This was a gift.
I designed this.
This was a last-minute Christmas gift idea.

Project Totals
Projects: 18
Crocheted: 2 (11%)
Knitted: 13 (72%)
Sewn: 2 (11%)
Quilted: 1 (5%)
Gifted: 11 (61%)
Designed: 6 (33%)

Yarn Totals (excludes the Chest Doily, as no yardage data is available for that project)
Total Yardage: 6,392.6 yards
Acrylic: 2,162.1 yds (33.3%)
Cotton: 1,531.3 yds (24.0%)
Elastic: 1.5 yds (< 0.1%)
Metallic: 15.0 yds (0.2%)
Microfiber: 542.9 yds (8.5%)
Nylon: 267.7 yds (4.2%)
Polyester: 13.3 yds (0.2%)
Wool: 1,858.9 (29.1%)

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