She Knits: Amy’s Braided Shimmer Scarf

While working on the very last repeat of that crocheted shawl I showed you, I looked down at the project in my lap and the hook in my hand and thought: “I really don’t like this thing.” I determined (1) I’d never wear it, (2) I don’t know anyone else who might wear it, and (3) it just wasn’t very pretty. Therefore, I frogged it and re-purposed the yarn into this scarf.

There’s this woman I know, and her name is Amy. She is kind, loving, giving, and cheerful. She has been friends with my father for a couple of years, I think, and they have recently started dating (praise God!). Over these last couple of years, she became very close with my grandmother. I’d venture to say they were nearly best friends. She visited her, would sit for hours with her just to keep her company, escorted her to many of her doctor’s appointments and radiation treatments. She really loved my grandmother, my grandmother really loved her, and you know… I love her, too. 🙂

I’ve wanted to knit her a gift for some time now, but couldn’t find the right pattern. She is girly, yet down-to-earth. This yarn is perfect because it has this slight sparkle that makes it fun. So I knit this scarf for Amy, and I sincerely hope she likes and wears it. I have yarn leftover and hope to someday knit a pair of matching mittens, and maybe even a Calorimetry (a pattern for a thick headband that covers the ears, but doesn’t mess up the hair). I’ve got plenty of yarn left for at least the mittens–the other might be a stretch.

Oh, it is roughly six feet long. She is a tall woman, maybe 5′ 10″, so this will be a good length, I think.

Pattern Info:
Braided Cable Alpaca Scarf by Sue Coffrin

I used the pattern for the braided cable section. The original pattern is for a scarf made entirely in that design. I found the braid design rather stiff. It wouldn’t sit well on the neck, so I incorporated 2×2 ribbing in between. I also knit 2×2 ribbing on each end to provide a frame for the braided cable.

I knit this scarf from either end and grafted it in the middle. The braided design is slightly directional, and I have a preference for symmetry. The grafting is not perfect–I used kitchener for ribbing. The seam is visible, especially on the back (left ridges on the back knit stitches), and it doesn’t scrunch up as much as the rest of the ribbing. But it is functional, so I sacrificed seamlessness for symmetry. I’m content with my decision.

Yarn Info:
Red Heart Shimmer
97% acrylic, 3% metallic

The fiber content of this yarn makes the scarf machine-washable, which is always a plus for gifts. It is fairly soft and the ribbing makes it extra squishy.

I apologize for the poor quality (seems like I apologize for that a lot). A storm blew through last night and dropped our temperatures, and I do not want to brave the chill for a few photographs. I hope to get a modeled shot when I give the gift and will post that later, if I do. As this is a gallery, you can click on one photo and then move through them in the viewing window.


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