WIP Wednesday: Socks and Shawl

Since I have had little to say of late, and since today is Wednesday, I find it fitting to write a WIP Wednesday post. The first WIP is another pair of socks. I cast on for these socks the day before Thanksgiving so that I would have some mindless knitting to plug away at while chatting with family over the holiday. They are a plain pair of socks I’ve named “Pearlescent Socks” after the yarn colorway, Pearlescent Tonal. I am improvising this design with the goal of creating a pair of socks that fit my feet perfectly.

Over Thanksgiving, I knit the foot and began the gusset increases when the new week began. In a day or so, I had the heel knit and was ready for my first fitting. Sigh.

It was a little too long, so I ripped out the beautiful heel and gusset and a few plain rounds before the gusset to decrease the length. It worked, as now I am quite pleased with the fit of the foot. I am onto the leg portion now and am hoping to match my success with the foot. When you see the photos below, you will probably wonder what all those little purple clippy things are–they are markers in the work marking rounds for me so that I wouldn’t have to take notes. They should help me duplicate my work for the second sock.

The second project is one I began yesterday (last photo in gallery). I grew tired of knitting the socks, so I began this crochet shawl. It is a pattern from Red Heart, and, fittingly, I’m using Red Heart Shimmer yarn which has these pretty little flecks of sparkle running through it. The project has been quick (as crochet usually is for me) and fun and the yarn has been squishy and is working up lovely. I’m excited to see this completed. I don’t have any intended use for it and am not sure whether I’ll keep or gift it. I have one recipient in mind, but really… I am not sure she is a shawl-wearing sort of person. Truth be told, I wouldn’t mind keeping it… 🙂

I only have one picture of this one. It is just the right shade of ivory to be difficult to photograph in low lighting and it is just the right time of year to be overcast every day. Sorry for the poor quality, but you know… I do not claim to be a photographer.


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