Date at the Lake

Things to Do With Your Husband #9: Outdoor Date

(I’m giving you fair warning that this post is picture-heavy and may take a minute to load. Be patient. 🙂 The pictures are good.) Nate was working away from home this week, so we went on a spontaneous date at the lake for his first meal back home. We got Wendy’s (fast food hamburgers) to-go and brought some wine from home for a real fine dining experience:

fine dining

We sat at a picnic table to eat, then took the wine and glasses over closer to the lake. Nate spread out a blanket.

blanket spreading skills

He also poured the wine.

wine pouring skills

We arrived in plenty of time to watch the sunset. I took way too many pictures.

sun setting on a bush

sun setting on the lake

We saw jets. We saw four, but here is one:

jet sighting

We heard a large flock of geese take off from the water somewhere on the lake, honking and splashing. They passed close enough in front of us that we heard the flap-flap-flapping of their wings.

flap honk flap honk

We watched a small duck paddle along then quickly dive under water. We’d wait… wait… wait for the little thing to pop back up somewhere. We drank the wine.


And then we packed up and headed home. Satisfied.



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