WIP Wednesday

I bound off the sweater I’ve been knitting for my mom today and seamed it–it just needs a wash and buttons, which I hope to get on tomorrow. I didn’t take progress photos for this post because you’ll see the finished item tomorrow!

This past weekend, I started a new pair of socks for myself with some leftover sock yarn in this really funky, bright colorway. This is a pattern I’ve improvised. Since this yarn self-stripes, I didn’t want to use a more complicated pattern because lace or other ornate patterns get lost in the stripes. I also didn’t want to knit a plain pair of socks because, let’s face it, that’s incredibly boring.

I came up with this little design. I’m calling it Rippling Ribs Socks. The instep (top of the foot) is worked in a broad rib with 2×2 cables thrown in for visual and knittable interest. The cables are staggered which creates a rippled effect. The cables are more pronounced when the sock is worn and the ribbing is stretched out.

I am customizing these to fit my feet like gloves… pun completely intended. I am not sure if I will publish the pattern, but I have been taking detailed notes in the event I decide to publish.

I currently have the foot of one sock completed and have worked the toe of the second, about to begin the instep pattern on it. I started the second sock before finishing the first in an effort to use as much of this yarn as possible. I don’t have photos of the second, though.

sock #1 progress (using my new sock DPN holders!)

rippling ribs

new sport: extreme knitting!


3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

    • Thanks! They don’t show up very well in the stripes–would look much better in a solid color, but I incorporated them with the idea of creating an interested knit, rather than an interesting finished design.

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