She Knits: Mason’s Blanket

I already explained who Mason is in a previous post.

Pattern Info:
Diagonal Eyelet Baby Blanket by Lion Brand Yarn

This pattern was easy to knit. I think it would work better in a more elastic yarn instead of the worsted cotton I used, though. The blanket is knit diagonally, which makes it not lay very flat. Also, the far corner stretched out of shape as I knit the last 20 rows, I think from the weight of the blanket on the needles. Washing helped a little, but not as much as I’d hoped.

Yarn Info:
Peaches and Creme
100% cotton

a blanket for a baby

eyelets and garter stitch

nearly impossible to fold nicely


3 thoughts on “She Knits: Mason’s Blanket

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  2. Oh, Victoria, this is all so cute! Your friend will love this blanket — the cotton, no matter how heavy or disobedient, makes the most wonderful covering. Never too hot or too cold. 🙂 Wish I was a baby, but I have that lovely afghan you made me, so I cannot complain, can I! 🙂

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