A Lantern

Let me preclude this post by saying I am not a poet, by any means. I do not write poetry and my vocabulary is lacking enough that finding rhymes is difficult and tedious and tiring. However, I wrote this… well, I guess it’s a poem. At any rate, I was writing on a forum about how God’s Spirit is the light within the lantern shell of a Christian. The Christian does not shine on his own, but only once the Spirit of God is within him. I just like that image enough to try to make up some rhymes and a little rhythm, which is also quite poor. But here you go. Criticism unwelcome, I’ll just say that up front. I’m not a poet, don’t profess to be, don’t intend to be… I just wanted to write a rhyme!

I was a lantern without a light.
I was a lantern, useless at night.

No flame blazed within me,
not a flicker or glow.
No flares of great passion,
or even a trifle of smoke. 

I was a lantern, dull, rusty, and round.
I was a lantern, then my Light I found! 

This fire inside me burns
for the Chosen Holy One;
Saving grace I have found
in God’s only Son! 

Now I am a lantern, rusty, but bright.
A lantern of testimony, filled with the Light!


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