She Quilts: JJ/Hilary Wedding Quilt

The great unveiling is finally here! The happy couple was married yesterday, so I can now post about their quilt.

This was my first experience in piecing/quilting, and I’m happy I did it. I’m also very happy that it’s finally done. šŸ™‚ I designed this quilt myself. I used a modified friendship star quilt block on the front–30 blocks, half of which haveĀ green stars and crackle brown corners, and the other half of which haveĀ red stars and gravel tan corners.

Quilt top

I quilted around all 30 blocks and around all 30 stars.

Quilt Top Close-Up

The border is 9 inches wide, solid brown. I quilted a cross-hatch/plaid/stripeyĀ design on the border which essentially extends the diagonal lines already present in the quilt blocks outward.

Quilt Top Border

I used scraps of the front colors to piece a cross into the back and filled the background with the solid brown from the front border.

Quilt Back

The quilting, obviously, covered the back. I like the look of the stars echoed over the cross.

Quilt Back Close

I bound it with double-fold quilt binding that finished at about 7/8″ wide. I mitered the corners.

Mitered Corner

I folded it, wrapped it with a bright red satin ribbon, and placed it in a clear plastic storage container for transport and “gift-wrapping.”

Ready for Gifting!

As this was my first quilt, everything was new to me: piecing, squaring, miteringĀ corners on the border, quilting, binding, and miteringĀ corners on the binding. Giving it away was bittersweet. It’s my FIRST quilt. It’sĀ a BIG quilt. It took a LONG time. And I couldn’t keep it. But seeing JJ’s face when I presented it to him made it all worth it. He was taken aback that I would go to so much trouble for them. He was completely surprised, shocked, almost speechless. I LOVE giving gifts. I love giving gifts from my heart and my hands. It was worth it.

Though I know the flaws are not seen by the recipients, there are some things I hope to do better on my next quilt.

  1. Plan better. Buy all items at once: front fabric, backing fabric, batting, binding, and thread. Check and re-check calculations before purchasing.
  2. Piece slowly so as to have accurate seam allowances and finished sizes.
  3. Square up small squares before combining into larger blocks so that the larger blocks will be more square and easier to sew together.
  4. Cotton fabrics press better under heat and steam.
  5. MakeĀ the binding.
  6. Don’t piece the back, but if required to, keep it simple.

Overall I am satisfied.

I love incorporating symbolism into my handmade items, and this was no exception. In my note to the couple, I told them I hoped the quilt would serve as a reminder for three things. The friendship stars should remind them to stay best friends. The cross should remind them Who is the center of their marriage. And the imperfections should remind them that their spouse is imperfect, too.

Finished Quilt


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