Working Hard, Kind Of

Things to Do With Your Husband #8: Go to Work

If your husband has the kind of job that allows you to tag along (and if you have the opportunity to), then I highly suggest you make a day (or several) of being with him while he works. Two weeks ago, I spent 5 days with Nate as he worked.

Well, kind of worked. He wasn’t doing the vigorous timber cruising he usually does when he travels out of town, but it was still an exhausting week.

Gas Pipeline

We talked and laughed. We sat in complete silence, just enjoying the blue sky, brilliant white clouds, and green, green trees. I clutched the passenger door as we rumbled over erroded “roads” in the backwoods of the back country of Texas. He laughed at me. 🙂

This is a heavenly road, compared to some!

We spent every day all day in his truck together and every evening all evening together in the hotel and every supper at a restaurant together. We were basically together for 5 consecutive days, non-stop. It was kind of fun.

Funny Road Name: Bullyvard Rd.

I smiled when he brought flowers into the truck for me to see when he got out to unlock a gate.


Pretty Wildflower

I wouldn’t re-do that week any differently.

Young Pines

This time together also showed me proof of my husband’s dedication and diligence in his work. He goes above and beyond what his company/co-workers expect of him. He doesn’t take shortcuts. He works hard to support me and witnessing that for myself (even though I’ve believed it all along) only heightens my respect, appreciation, and love for him.

Wives, even if you can’t take time to be with your husband at work, be sure and tell him how much you appreciate that he works hard for your family. While showing your appreciation with a clean house, home-cooked meals, and happy kids is definitely encouraged, speaking it is important too.

Also, show interest in his work. Ask your husband about his job, workplace, and relationship with his coworkers. Be his kind place to share his anxieties about his job (upcoming promotion opportunies, boss/co-worker disagreements, task overload, big presentation, assessment interviews). Be his little party-er to help him celebrate his conquests (promotion, new responsibility, raises, positive reinforcement from a boss/co-worker). He wants to know that you care about his career/job/business. He needs to know that you appreciate his hard work! So tell him!


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