WIP Wednesday

My last WIP Wednesday post was 17 weeks ago! I have been crafting, but have mostly been working on a secret project. I’ve got something to show you now, though. In another post, I’m going to give you a sneak peek of the secret project

About a week ago, I found a cross-stitch I had already started and was inspired to work on it. I started this piece about 10 years ago, intending it as a gift for my sister who picked it out for me. The little brunette in the design reminded us both of my niece. It is made by the Janlynn Corporation and is called #029-0019 Collecting Seashells and was designed by Nancy Cole (amazingly, you can still buy it!). I finished the girl’s face, a bit of her hair, and a small portion of her dress when I realized I’d made a few errors. I got frustrated and put it away. Then life took over, as I’m sure most you understand, and I hadn’t touched it since!

Before beginning, I sorted through the colors in the thread box. Ten years ago, I organized the threads in a way that made sense (at the time), but I just couldn’t figure it out now. So I slowly went through them, figuring out which was medium turquoise versus light turquoise (and light tan versus light flesh, and on and on), organizing them in slots, this time noting which slot each color was put in. There are 33 colors in this one piece! I’m missing one color, which I think is pretty good 10 years and 3 moves later. It’s “light gold brown” which I need to finish her hair. I’m going to search my embroidery thread stash to see if I have a reasonable substitute.

 Then I got to work. It was tedious to fudge around all those mistakes, but I think I did a good job of it and am now on track, following the diagram for the rest of the piece. I’ve completed her hair (except for the missing color), her arms and hands, and a good deal of her dress.

Here are all the photos in a gallery view. I’ve had so many issues with these photos in this post that I’ve decided to just throw them all together.


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