She Crochets: “Pineapple Delight” Doily

I decided long ago to crochet a doily for the top of our cedar chest. I began this one many times, starting over and over, setting it aside for other projects. I finally picked it up with determination about a week ago and knocked this out in a short period of time. If I’d have known it would only take a week, I might have worked on it more before!

I didn’t do a brilliant blocking job. It’s not perfectly round and some of the “fans” are not shaped very well, but it’s good enough for the chest, as most of it is covered anyway. The second photo below is a close-up of one of the “pineapple” designs… don’t worry if you don’t see a pineapple ’cause I don’t either! It looks more like a strawberry to me, but in the photo, it just looks like loops of crochet chains! And after taking the photos, I did rotate the doily a little on the chest to make it sit more symmetrically.

Pattern Info:
Pineapple Delight #A-340 by Coats & Clark

This pattern was pretty good, for the most part. There were some errors in the pattern, but I was able to deduce what I was supposed to do, so nothing was fatal to the project. Many steps also weren’t explained quite clearly, which made for a few puzzling moments. Overall, though, the design is very nice and beautiful. It is a simple doily that is quite pretty when finished.

Thread Info:
Red Heart Classic #10 Crochet Thread
100% mercerized cotton

I had to buy this thread after using Aunt Lydia’s for most of it because Walmart apparently doesn’t carry Aunt Lydia’s anymore. There is a slight color difference, but it was really only noticeable when the thing was wet. The thread made for a good doily–don’t have much to say about it.

As seems to always be the case, I apologize for poor photos. It’s a cloudy day, and I didn’t want to take this thing outside after taking the time to wash it already. But here they are anyway.

Just After Blocking

Now you can see all the little trinkets my darling husband brings home from the woods. That basket has a large pine (I think Southern Pine) cone, a huge maple leaf (that is one I brought in), two candles, an upside-down turtle shell, a shell from a creek, some nuts (acorns, etc) and it is almost halfway full of various rocks. 🙂 At center left of the photo, you can see three turtle shells–two large and one small. The small one actually still has the belly plate attached, which is why he brought it home. It’s rare to find one intact like that. He really is sweet; I love when he brings home treasures–he is always so excited about them, and that makes me happy. 🙂


4 thoughts on “She Crochets: “Pineapple Delight” Doily

  1. Love the doily and all your treasures. You will always have things to look back on and remember when……………….

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