She Sews: Sewing Machine Cover

I’ve been keeping my sewing things out on one edge of our longdining table because I’ve been working on a project. This is great, except that the machine gets dusty if a few days pass without me using it. This is not great because the thread gathers the dust and creates ‘knots’ of sorts.

There is a woman on YouTube who makes sewing (and cooking and other) videos, and she put up a tutorial a while ago for making a custom-fit sewing machine cover. A lightbulb went off! A cover would solve my dust problem and would look a little nicer. Her tutorial is for a quilted cover with batting to make it stiff. I didn’t do that, so mine is a little floppy, but fits and does the job I intended. I used an old pillow case, and had just the right amount of fabric. I had to piece the long section, but that’s OK.

Here are a couple of pictures. Sorry for the poor quality; the machine is on a table that is not near any windows.


4 thoughts on “She Sews: Sewing Machine Cover

    • Funny you should mention that because a few days after I posted this, I did do a little applique on it! I made a little heart from one of Nate’s old shirts and put it on with a zig-zag stitch. 🙂

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