Yesterday, Nate brought home a beautiful bouquet of wild purple irises and a couple of spider lilies. (Excuse the background of the photo below… it was the best mix of sunlight and shade!)

Beautiful Bouquet

The blooms are pretty and he even thought to include many buds with them, so that I can enjoy the flowers for a longer time. The spider lilies don’t photograph very well, but the irises do! Nate often sends me pictures of wild flowers from the woods while he’s working, and has brought home a bouquet or two before. I love this about him.

Iris Blossoms

I like knowing that he thinks of me while working; he says flowers always remind him of me. Not only did he bring home a bouquet, he also dug up a few plants of each flower. We’ve put them in pots, so it’ll be interesting to see if they survive. The blooms already there are definitely dying, as expected, but perhaps the bulbs will make it.

More Iris Blossoms


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