Strange Characteristic

I exhibit this odd characteristic in which my preferences, behaviors, and attitude waver in cycles.

There are some weeks or months that I am very much into knitting. I knit at every opportunity (even the 5 minutes in my car before class) and crank out projects like there’s no tomorrow. I love it; I’m absorbed in it. But it seems that after a few weeks of this knitting obsession, I then spend weeks without even touching the needles. I’ve been in this knitting dead-zone for the last couple of weeks. I have projects on the needles that I really want to finish. I even get to the point of actually wanting to knit them. I walk over to my basket of WIPs, pick one up, turn it over in my hands, crinkle my nose and put it back–the interest in knitting suddenly vanishes once I begin the act! That’s why there is a lace shawl in progress and a button-band re-knit in progress sitting in the living room that have only been touched once a week or so when I do the dusting.

It happens with sewing too, although there’s a definite reason I have a dress-in-progress in a bag that hasn’t seen the light of day in at least a month. I think about sewing and think I’d like to work on the dress. So I walk over to the machine, bend down and pick up the cord, and then–alas! the feeling is gone as quick as it came! This happens with crochet and embroidery, too. One day I am slaving away over a needle or hook and the next thing I know, I can’t remember when I last worked on that project in progress.

I used to think it was a crafting thing. This knitting/crochet/embroidery/sewing slump usually happens after a long stretch of marathon crafting. I thought it was a sort of burn-out–something I’d just have to deal with if I wanted to have Extreme Crafting Days. But then I realized that this happens in other areas of my life too.

I will crave Mexican food for weeks on end and then suddenly, even the thought of Mexican food will turn my stomach. This happens with Italian food and Southern food and even single dishes too, like pizza or Mexican lasagna. I made Mexican lasagna once a week for three weeks one time when I was in a Mexican food kick!

This even happens with my sleep patterns. I will be downright exhausted for weeks, never able to get enough sleep, tired after waking up from a 10-hour sleep. And then I will sleep wonderfully for a few weeks, wake up rested, have no trouble staying awake all day, even stay up late and wake up early.

I think it is a strange thing, but I don’t know if other people go through this too. I know that Nate has attitude cycles. Weeks of optimism followed by weeks of snappiness. I don’t know if he has food cycles or hobby cycles as well–he doesn’t appear to, but he just eats whatever I fix, so I kind of take him on my food trips with me. 😉


One thought on “Strange Characteristic

  1. Hmm. I always KNEW you were special! 😀
    Sure hope you get this sorted out, though.
    Do any of the other lags happen to coincide with the tiredness? Maybe could it all be sleep related?

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