A Supper Bet

Things to Do With Your Husband #4: Make a Bet

A couple of weeks ago, Nate bought something online and had it shipped to the house. The delivery estimate was February 22nd – 27th. He bet me that it would come in on the 22nd… sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? So I took the bet–if it was delivered any time on or after the 23rd, I’d win.

The stakes? Loser fixes the supper of the winner’s choice on the day the winner chooses.

It arrived on our doorstep promptly on…

… the 25th! Ha!

I chose meatloaf with creamed potatoes, corn, and peas. Yum! And the best part was that Nate made the meal all by himself! I did have to talk him through the meatloaf because I don’t have a recipe for it, but he did a wonderful job and everything was delicious.

I took a few photos, but none turned out very well, so sorry about that. You’ll just have to take my word for it!


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