Praise and Worship

In light of a recent Bible study passage, I’ve been contemplating the difference between praise and worship. In the study, praise is defined as the thanksgiving for God’s actions, His providence, His behaviors. Worship is defined as the adoration of God’s character. One focuses on what God has done/is doing/will do, while the other on who exactly is God.

I’ve since realized that the psalms are full of both praise and worship. The psalms are a fabulous place to begin studying God’s actions and God’s character. I have added another set of markings to my annotations list so that, as I read, I can underline praise and worship. Praise is underlined in blue and worship in red. It’s fun to read psalms in this way.

In Psalms 95 and 96, I’ve learned the following:

  1. God is “the Rock of [my] salvation” (95:1)
  2. “the Lord is the great God, the great King above all gods” (95:3)
  3. God is my “Maker” (95:6)
  4. God is “[my] God” (95:7)
  5. “great is the Lord” (96:4)
  6. God is “most worthy of praise” (96:4)
  7. God is “to be feared above all gods” (96:4)
  8. God is majestic, strong, and glorious (96:6-9)
  9. God is just (96:10)
  10. God is true (96:13)


  1. God holds “the depths of the earth” in His hand, and owns “the mountain peaks” and “the sea” (96:4 & 5)
  2. God is Creator, God “formed the dry land” (95:5)
  3. God cares for His flock (95:7)
  4. God saves (96:2)
  5. God performs “marvelous deeds among all peoples” (96:3)
  6. “the Lord made the heavens” (96:5)
  7. “the Lord reigns” (96:10)
  8. God “firmly established” the world (96:10)
  9. God judges “with equity” (96:10)
  10. “the Lord… comes to judges the earth” (96:13)
  11. God “will judge the world… and the peoples” (96:13)

Annotating the Word like this inspires awe in me as I underline again and again. I plan to do this whenever I get the chance to spend time in psalms and possibly elsewhere as well.

This begs the question: Do you annotate your Bible? Do you make notes? Do you underline? Do you highlight?

I use colored pencils in a color code I came up with to underline pieces of scripture that fit into categories. I also make margin notes on occasion, and have now added blue/red underlining for praise and worship verses. I’m interested to know how you study the Bible.


2 thoughts on “Praise and Worship

  1. Good morning, Victoria!
    It is so good to read about how you study the Bible!
    I have used the same Bible for many years and it would be black by now if I did all the marking in it that I would like. Usually, though, I underline points made in a sermon, if they somehow impress me lots, or add points in the margins. Once, I circled all the time Jesus called God “God” in the book of Mark, and all the times He called Him “Father”, just to see how they compared. (When He talked about God, He called Him “God” and when He talked TO Him, He called Him “Father”, every time except once on the Cross, when He was quoting David in the Psalms. Hmm.)
    In an older Bible, though, I marked more, things I did not ever want to forget, and wanted to be able to find quickly. Well, that plan did not work out because soon, most of it was underlined. 😉

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