Bible Challenge: Week 15

This is another installment in my personal Bible Challenge weekly updates. If you don’t know what this is or want to know how it started, follow this link to the introductory post (opens in new window). If you simply want to read more posts like this one, choose “Bible Challenge” out of the category cloud on the right sidebar.

First, I want to apologize for getting this post up so late. I’ve been limiting my computer time in an effort to (1) do more house cleaning, (2) do more school work, and (3) do more knitting. It’s working–I’ve been doing some of all three–but it means this weekly post gets forgotten and I don’t post as often. Although, the post frequency might be caused by my not having finished any projects recently!

So, I didn’t read very much last week, but here’s the list:

Monday: Mark 1:35-39
I’m still following the Bible study notes I have and am enjoying them. This one was about establishing a set time each day to meditate on the Word of God. By the word “meditate,” I mean to simply focus on God’s Word and being still and listening to God as He reveals understanding and knowledge about His Word.

I like this, but haven’t tried it yet. If I read the Bible in the morning, the passages I read tend to resonate all day with me. I end up thinking about it and forming opinions and interpretations, and will sometimes end up doing a bit of research in the evening to see what others have to say on the scripture I read. So I don’t have a time each day dedicated to being still and quiet and only thinking of the scriptures I read, but I do contemplate them throughout the day.

I can see how this would be beneficial, but am not sure how I might implement it just yet. I think it is definitely important to spend quiet time with God, but I guess I feel like I don’t know how to do that. It seems silly, I know! Just sit there and be quiet and still and let scriptures run through your mind as they come up. Easy. But it’s more intimidating than you might think!

Tuesday: Revelation 4:1-11
This is where the writer introduces the concept of worship. He defines worship basically as the adoration of God and His character. Well, how can you adore God’s character if you don’t know God’s character? Reading the Word of God is one way to learn about who God is. And this knowledge, in a Christian especially, usually spontaneously results in awe, admiration, and adoration, as it should.

I imagine it in this way. Let’s say I have an acquaintance I don’t know very well. If I learn that, for example, the acquaintance volunteers at the homeless shelter once a month, then my curiosity might be peaked and I would think pretty well of the person. I gained knowledge of some behavior, and that behavior gives me insight into that person’s character. I might think they are giving and selfless. Thus, my perception of them increases. It works similarly for bad perceptions. If I were to learn that an acquaintance stole from a friend, then I wouldn’t think the person wasn’t someone I’d like to get to know further.

God reveals His character through His Word in records of His actions (that we can then extrapolate from, as above) as well as His pure revelation of His character to people in past. I imagine that Abraham, after the almost-sacrifice of Isaac, probably learned a lot about God’s character through that experience.

The writer here encourages me to ponder God’s character and to spend time worshipping Him.

Wednesday: Job 42:1-6
The writer explains here that in order to truly worship God, we must know that God is worthy of that worship.

Thursday: 1 Chronicles 16:7-36

I didn’t read any of these days. I am now playing catch-up on the studies for those days.


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