Bible Challenge: Week 14

This is a weekly update of my Bible reading last week as part of my Bible Challenge: a personal goal to form a habit of reading the Bible every day. Choose the category “Bible Challenge” on the right side menu to see more posts like this one. The introduction post explains how this began.

Monday: Matthew 4:1-11, Acts 17:1-15, Genesis 35-37
I worked through the study for both today and yesterday, since I was lazy yesterday. I am really enjoying this small study and have recently noticed there is a free online supplement to this little booklet. I’ll be checking that out today, as I’m sure I will find it helpful.

One obvious, though unforeseen, happy consequence of spending so much time in God’s Word is that navigation is getting easier. I used to get a bit frustrated because I’d have a verse in my head and I’d know the book, but it took me a long time to find it. Or when I would try to study, I’d spend more time at the Table of Contents than in the actual Scriptures! Since this study has me flipping throughout the book, I am remembering where books are in relation to others, and am thus better able to navigate. A joyful side effect!

Tuesday: Psalm 39:1-13, 1 Samuel 1-3
Nate and I read from 1 Samuel last night together. I read from Psalms for my personal study.

Wednesday: Luke 18:1-8

Thursday: Jeremiah 33:1-9

I didn’t read either of these days. I didn’t forget, I was just being lazy about it.

Sunday: Luke 11:1-13, Isaiah 65:17-25,Philippians 4:1-9


4 thoughts on “Bible Challenge: Week 14

  1. Oh, I just know someday you will surpass me in navigation! 😉
    I had to memorize the names of all the books in the Bible when I was little, but I still do not know them all and spend time floating around, about where I think it should be, wishing I would remember those memory lessons! 😐

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