My Spiritual Army

My knowledge of the Bible, as I’ve come to visualize it, is my personal army. Every verse I know is a soldier; every verse I know well is, perhaps, a cannon or other tactical weapon. Some verses serve as protective barriers, defenses. This army is used in combat against the enemy at least once a day, probably more. They withstand baratement and attack day and night, really. They never die, but they can be severely wounded.

Each day that I read the Bible, I add cavalrymen, cannons, foot soldiers, captains, sergeants, colonels (only because I like spelling colonels), army nurses, fort walls, iron gates, and deep, rolling waters in my moat. My reading and studying provides medicine for the wounded, patches for the damaged walls.

Every day I do not read or study the Bible, my men suffer from lack of food and clean water, damaged barriers, and missing medical supplies. The next day, it’s as if I have to read three times as much to make up for my neglect.

These soldiers are used in battle against Satan. He sometimes tempts me into battle with foods I know I shouldn’t eat or activities I know I shouldn’t participate in. Other times, he attacks me without warning and catches me off guard. He showers my men with negative talk (“you aren’t good enough”), promises he can never keep (“do/eat/wear this and you’ll be happy”), and temptations.

I pray today that God will help me replenish my army. I pray that the Holy Spirit dwelling in me will override my enemy’s attempts to knock me off the right path, and I pray these things in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Now I am interested–how is your army doing?


One thought on “My Spiritual Army

  1. Oh, I do love this, Victoria! What an excellent essay!
    My army is okay! I do not read on Sunday because the input at church is plenty for me. Sometimes I skip Saturday, but not too often. The rest of the week, I get my men and supplies ready before I go out. 😉

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