Bible Challenge: Week 9

This is a post summarizing my efforts in my Bible challenge.  You can read about how this began by clicking here.

I’m so sorry this post is late–I don’t know how, but I just forgot! Next thing I know, it’s Thursday, and I was supposed to post this on Monday!

I didn’t read. But I did pray, a lot.

I’ve been watching some sermons online from a pastor in Seattle. I agree with a lot of his preaching, and his style is entertaining. Two years ago, he began preaching on the gospel of Luke, so I’ve been watching those. I watched a few episodes tonight. They are great to listen to while knitting and are better than knitting podcasts by non-Christian people!

Tonight I prayed especially for wisdom and discernment. Even though I agree with almost everything I’ve heard this pastor say since I started watching his sermons online, I have to be very careful to not get caught up in his charisma. Everything must be tested against God’s word and the Spirit. So I pray for guidance when I watch his sermons.

Tuesday: Judges 19-21
I didn’t really like this passage. I’m sure there are lessons to learn from it, as I believe the whole Bible is useful for teaching and gaining wisdom, but sometimes passages take a few reads before becoming clear or until I can see a practical application in them.

Wednesday: Job 22-24
I’m still not liking Job very much. When reading, I try to look under the overlying story and see what basic theme or idea should be coming through. In Job, I can’t seem to find anything under the top story layer. I know there are lessons and such to be learned here, but it’s not clicking for me right now. Maybe that’s why my most often missed reading day is Wednesday.

I am praying for guidance and understanding as I read.

Thursday: Isaiah 19-21
Now, Isaiah, unlike Job, seems to make more sense to me, most of the time. I will be honest, though–I read these chapters with a “get it done” attitude.

I am repenting of that attitude and asking God to help me enjoy my Bible time. I think the key to that enjoyment is (1) taking the time to really dig into the story/passage and not just take it at face-value, and (2) see my Bible reading time as time to draw closer to God and not just as another thing to read.

I didn’t read the Bible today. I had plenty of time, but did not use it wisely. I did listen to quite a few online sermons, though.

Saturday: Luke 1

Sunday: Psalms 53-57


One thought on “Bible Challenge: Week 9

  1. Ooh, Judges 19-21 is hard, I agree. My comfort through it all is that Jesus Christ brought women protection and cherishing when He came. I am so thankful!
    Job gets LOTS better at chapter 32, when Elihu steps in. And He even explains WHY the long, long wait for His arrival, which makes it like the book is building up to this high point.

    Hope this helps. 🙂

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