She Knits: Cassie’s Socks, Part II

Positives about these socks:

  1. Fit: I’m pretty sure they will fit Cassie because they barely fit me in the width and fit perfectly in the length–her feet are an inch smaller in circumference, but the same length as mine.
  2. Pattern: The pattern was enjoyable to knit, worked up quickly, and produced a pretty result. I especially love the partridge heel flap and twisted ribbing.
  3. Yarn: This yarn is a superwash wool–perfect for a person who won’t take the time/effort to handwash a pair of socks. It is a great color for a green-lover and all-over-fun-color-stripes person like Cassie.
  4. Skill: I learned a lot while working these socks: wrapping and turning, heel flaps on toe-up socks, lace patterns, gusset increases, and twisted ribbing.

Negatives about these socks:

  1. Yarn: The two skeins of yarn I used were slightly different. One was coarser to the touch and had a slightly more saturated coloring than the other. The coarseness was rectified a bit through washing. I am hoping they even out over repeated washing or are just not that noticeably different to someone else.

Yep, that’s right! I can’t think of anything negative with regards to the fit, pattern, or my skills. I did have to look up tutorial/instructional videos in order to work the wrap and turns, but overall, I felt very competent while working these socks.

Pattern Info:
Chevrolace Socks by Heidi M. Scheppmann
Started: October 26
Completed: December 5
size US 1 (2.25 mm) needles

Yarn Info:
Knit Picks Stroll Multi
“Lucky” colorway
4 ply, fingering weight
75% superwash merino wool, 25% nylon

The color is most true in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th pictures. I couldn’t get the color right in the first one. Click on a photo to view it larger.


6 thoughts on “She Knits: Cassie’s Socks, Part II

  1. Those are very pretty! I love toe up socks, it’s the only way that I’ll do them. I’ve knit a few pairs of just plain socks, and now I’m branching out into patterns!

    • I did my learnin’ backwards! I knit a slightly patterned pair first, then these were my second pair. I’m now working on a plain stockinette pair for the husband. 🙂 I tend to take on the hard stuff right off the bat. That may be why I have a dress lining in my closet waiting for its outer shell–that’ll be pretty much my first sewing project!

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