Bible Challenge: Week 8

This is a post summarizing my efforts in my Bible challenge.  You can read about how this began by clicking here.

Monday: Genesis 23-25
I find it interesting that Rebekah was barren, as was Isaac’s mother, Sarah. Isaac prayed to God and God made her concieve. How did Isaac know to pray? Why did Isaac not just accept that they would be childless?

Surely, Abraham told him of the wonderful miracle that was Isaac’s birth. His mother, Sarah, conceived him, though she was old and beyond child-bearing age. God promised Abraham that He would make Sarah the mother of many nations–so surely her own son would have sons as well. Isaac knew, by his father’s example, that God keeps His promises and so knew to pray for his wife when she did not conceive.

God rewarded him.

I didn’t read. Nate and I spent our time before bed talking about a very important issue and ended up going to sleep so late that we didn’t read.

I am praying for my husband’s continued understanding and love, his patience and gentleness. I am praying for my own diligence, self-control, and for forgiveness.

Wednesday: Zachariah
Nate read aloud to me a few chapters from this book.

I didn’t read today.

I didn’t read. I was busy in the morning and then spent a lot of time with Nate in the afternoon and evening. Not a good excuse, though.

I didn’t read. Sigh. It’s frustrating! But I am still praying for diligence and self-control and motivation and all those things.

Sunday: Psalms 48-52
I read today, finally. Maybe this week I will be less selfish with my time.


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