He Made This!

My husband made a thing. It’s a very neat, oddly pretty sort of thing. It’s a thing that fills a need that I’ve had for quite some time. He made this thing mostly on his own, with a bit of advice, some part-holding, and some crochet thread from me. It was all his own idea, and it worked out fabulously. In fact, I kind of, just a bit, wondered if it’d work in the beginning. Regardless, I encouraged him throughout his endeavor and am infinitely proud of his efforts and the resulting item.

Here is the thing:

Please excuse the blurry photos.

He brought the wooden chunk of a stump home from the woods. The wooden base was given to him, and he might sand and varnish it. I think he should stain it too. He put all the lamp parts inside and wired the electrical cords and everything. I’m so proud of him!

I don’t have a nightstand yet, so it’s sitting on a couple of plastic storage totes I had lying around.

So, what do you think of it?


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