Thanksgiving Apple Pie

For Thanksgiving, one of my contributions to the feast is an apple pie. Nate volunteered me to try to make Aunt Polly’s Apple Pie (which I believe is famous in the family, at least to some degree). Yeah, so I’ve only made one pie before. And yeah, so I used store-bought crust that time. I (mostly) knew I could do it!

My mother-in-law gave me the recipe and I made it. It was kind of easy, actually. The only thing I am a bit bummed about is how much apple I was able to get into it. Obviously, I know that apples decrease in volume when cooked, but I had hoped they wouldn’t shrink down as much as they did. The bag of apples I bought had two or three in the bottom that were too soft and bruised to use, and the good apples had pieces I couldn’t use. So I ended up with not quite enough apples–but decided to go for it anyway.

So, here it is. My second pie. Just in time for Thanksgiving (if Nate and I can make it there tomorrow night without devouring the pie, that is)!


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