Emma – Jane Austen

I finished this novel yesterday. Unfortunately, I didn’t record when I started it, but I think it was over the summer. I enjoyed it very much—in fact, it is my favorite Austen piece thus far.

Emma was published in 1815 as a commentary, of sorts, on feminism and the society of Austen’s time. As in her other works, there is a wide range of characters, from the always likeable to the very annoying, and an engaging, yet not overly complicated plot.

Emma is a rich young woman, spoiled by attention, living in England among, what she believes to be anyway, high society. She swears she will never marry, and yet fancies herself the absolute best match-maker for others. She makes friends and enemies; she pities and contrives; she languishes and laughs. Though many might perceive her pride as an annoyance, it is only evidence of her time, society, and honest thoughts. Yes, she thinks herself superior to many others, but in that time, it was expected that she should.

I won’t give any more details about the other characters, lest I spoil something for someone. I guessed at pieces of the plot throughout, but never contrived the full ending. Austen’s comical address of manners had me laughing aloud often.

If you decide to read this, I hope you might enjoy it as much as I have.

Next up: Northanger Abbey


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