Bible Challenge: Week 5

This is a post summarizing my efforts in my Bible challenge.  You can read about how this began by clicking here.

Monday: Genesis 14-19
I started today’s reading (14-16) this morning before class, but got so engrossed in the story that I didn’t stop after chapter 16! So I went ahead and read another day’s reading (through chapter 19). Why stop if you’re enjoying it that much, right? These chapters covered the story about Sarah’s servant, Hagar, and God’s promise to give Abraham a son.  I like this story. It also covered the destruction of Sodom and Gemorrah (am I spelling that correctly?).

I am praying for diligence. This morning, I felt a strong desire to read and then, as mentioned, became lost in the story and “forgot” to stop. I believe that was God’s hand on my heart, leading me, and helping me to submit to His will. I enjoyed the read and am actually looking forward to tomorrow’s. I’m still praying for help, though.

Tuesday: Judges 8-11
The chapters in Judges are fairly long, so it takes more time to read them. Next week, I’ll try to remember not to start right before bed! It is interesting, though, so not difficult to get through.

I’ve rescheduled my followup exam with the clinic for December 5th. I need to go back in a month for more testing because the TSH test was “abnormal”. I don’t know if they will repeat the same test or do more than that, but I hope they get things figured out soon. I am praying for peace of mind over the next few weeks while I wait for the appointment–no sense worrying about it!

Also, I’m praying for diligence in my reading and in the work on my senior seminar presenations. The presentation is supposed to be December 6th, and I believe the report is due a week before then (right after Thanksgiving break). That leaves only 2.5 weeks to get that done. I keep hitting road blocks where I can’t figure out little pieces of the proof. I need to talk to my professor again for his help, but have been putting that off. So I’m praying for that too!

I will be honest. I thought of reading this day’s passages on Thursday and putting them under Wednesday and not saying so. My conscience kicked in immediately, though, so I am admitting now that I did not read today. Man, I was really hoping this would be the week that I read every day. Maybe next week.

I hate to say this, but I didn’t read. I should really think about the guilt I will feel later when I’m putting off reading! I really did mean to today, but kept putting it off and next thing ya’ know, it’s not “today” anymore!

Friday: Matthew 13-15
I read today! Woo hoo! I read this morning before class–funny how the mornings when I only have 1 hour to get ready, I end up reading, but the ones when I have 3+ hours to get ready, I don’t… sigh.

I’m praying for my sister who was hospitalized last night with colonitis. She will be OK, won’t need surgery or anything, but will be in the hospital over the weekend. She hasn’t been able to eat since Wednesday. I wish I were closer and could visit her.

I didn’t read today. I should have. I had time. I was being stubborn.

I’m praying for my sister, for diligence, for a softened heart.

I didn’t read today either. I’m praying for diligence and a softened heart still. And for my sister.

Sunday: Psalms 38-42
I really like reading in Psalms. I’ve always enjoyed simple poetry with easy rhythm.

I’m praying for many things! My sister is out of the hospital, but still building an appetite. I’m also praying for my husband’s diligence and level-headedness; for my health and diligence and a softened heart towards God’s will. And I’m praying about a house that we are very interested in, that if it’s the house for us, we’ll be able to get a loan with payments we can afford.


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